Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Of Spa, Of Pillar, Of Amish and of Red Raspberries

What a day I have had.
I mean that in the best way possible.
It was a beeee-you-ti-fulllllllll day.

Nothing really out of the ordinary.
Just plodding around doing my thing.
Taking a kiddo to work, 
coming back home to hop online and check on things.

Then I decided to overcome my fears and attempt to
make a pillar candle with the sample of 
Palm wax my supplier gave me.
I had picked up the mold for it last night
while Chelsea and I were out.

So in between preparing candles to take to a new
spa, at which I am the new candle supplier
in their precious little shop of all handmade goodies,
and working on the sales 
flyer for this Fall's Fundraisers,
 I melted the palm wax
with some trepidation.
I'll tell you exactly how anxious I was...
I read the directions!
I know.
 I poured it into the mold.......

And then...I just had to walk away.
Turns out these things take a long, long time
to set up and release from the mold.

So by then it was time to go into the big city of 
Lancaster and meet my new friends at the Odyssey Salon.
Getting there was a bit of a challenge due to road 
construction and some sort of police activity.
However, after much delay and then circling
a bit until I found the small street on which 
the salon sits, I arrived.

I walked in and was told that I was actually 
expected next week.
However, the ladies were most friendly and 
made big over the candles I had brought.
That is definitely the way to my heart.

So, you would think that the day was pretty full
by now, right?
Not done yet.

Came back home and walked my Mom's dog.
Warren was home from work by this time so 
I talked him into coming with me.
It was such a nice afternoon that we all enjoyed it.

Having coupons to a restaurant in the Lancaster County
Countryside we decided to check it out on the way 
to purchase red raspberries from some friends.
Turns out this is a favorite of the Amish in that neck of the woods.
We really felt the unusual for us feeling of being in the minority.
Everyone pretty much ignored us....
unless they thought we weren't looking.
You could tell they were trying to tell if we were 
tourists or someone they should know.
I recognized one man from a craft show that 
I do in that area each year but he didn't recognize me
I'm pretty sure.

The food was very good.
We were glad we went.
Then it was just a hop, skip and jump to 
our friends house to purchase 8 pints of red raspberries.
Not all for us. 
We were picking them up for the Moms too.
It was so sweet that we were invited in for a short visit.
I really enjoy this couple.
They are so warm and welcoming.
The raspberries are amazing too!

Then home again.
Seems like that is a theme.

Finally, I could take my pillar candle out of the mold.
I was a bit tense to see if it would just come out because 
I neglected to buy the special and very expensive spray which
is supposed to prevent sticking.
However, it came right out.

Tuscan Melon and Apricot.  Yum!!

Like it was supposed to.
It is a cute little thing.
I purposely made it small because I don't 
want to waste the sample wax.

I'd love to make eight or ten in different sizes, colors 
and fragrances to assist in my learning process before I 
invest in a 50 pound box of the palm wax.

In the Palm Wax you get designs.  They are varied depending on many factors.

I love that it is also plant based and way better 
for me and you than breathing that 
burning petroleum.

Think about it.
Would you purposely breathe the exhaust from 
your car's tailpipe?

Not exactly the same.....
but not completely different either.


jAne said...

.. felt as if i were walking/working along with you. :o) the candle is beautiful!

Kelly Bermudez said...

What a beautiful candle! I just love that color!

Tanza said...

Hi Sweet Becky !!
I LOVE reading your posts !! Always soo refreshing !! I burn my candles everyday from you !! The smell is heavenly !! Smells like I'm baking pies !! Yummers !! They burn beautifully and soo even .. very clean candles ..

You will have to tell us what cafe you went to .. You know me, and seeing the Amish people !! Love them !! I NEVER knew they would eat out, with sinners !! hahaha .. really !! Surprises me !! It wasn't where we ate was it !? That was sure great food !!

As we drove around and watched them ,alot of them did wave and smile tho .. I was actually surprised !! I think different ones aren't as strict in their ways !! Love learning about them .. what wonderful people they are .. I just WISH they would of been in eating with us !!

Your candle turned out wonderful !! Yippee Skippe for you !! I can almost smell it .. :)
hoping all is well with you .. have a happy week my friend, and be blessed xo ~Tanza~

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

Love the color of the candle and the name sounds like it smells heavenly. I am in Amish country on vacation right now....PennYan, New York. I am intriqued by them but they all just fit right in around here. Great post!

Sue Runyon said...

Sounds like a great day and . . . yum . . . raspberries. The pillar candle looks great. Love that color.

*~Niki~* said...

Sounds like a lovely day and I'm glad to see your candle came out. It's very unusual but sounds way healthier for us all. Niki x

Vee said...

Glad that your pillar came out so nicely. I like candles that way because it feels as if one is using up the whole thing. I'm watching...

Sounds as if you had a super day. Such days are so necessary for a sense of well-being.

Kim said...

sounds like a fabulous day and I imagine your meal was quite yummy! Loving the color of the candle and I enjoyed hearing you talk about the various process of making them:)

Love A Duck said...

Your candle turned out great! I'd love to try this someday...

sammysgrammy said...

What a day !!!!!!! I don't know what you'll do when the fledglings fly the nest and only mama and papa in all that space - you're really getting in practice to prevent withdrawl...........