Thursday, June 14, 2012

Catching Up....

I'm in a very unique situation for me.
I have multiple blog posts to write and features to do.
To the point that I have photos and posts backing up.
Most of the time as you likely can tell
I just sit down, pose my fingers over the keyboard
and begin to type.
But now I have actual pre-planned
 ideas and posts coming up.  

Remember the Fresh Produce Tunic that I was given to wear
so I could tell you about it?
If you don't remember its o.k.  
That was a long time ago.
Well, I am almost ready to write that post.
I've had a lot of fun with that top.
So have my friends at church.
But, more on that soon.

Then there is the creamed corn recipe that Aunt Betty gave me.
I'm going to post about that with the recipe for you too.
Just as soon as I make it so I can share photos too.
It is just amazing....if you like baked corn.

Helena at Candie Ink wrote such a darling post about me
and I am looking forward to returning the favor for her.
She did not ask me to do that...
it is just that her products are adorable and I want to share.
By the can still enter to win an Irish Moss candle
and a Monarch Note card if you go now.
A winner will be chosen on June 16th.

I have photos backing up from places we've been 
and people we've met.
Yep!  You'll enjoy those... I'm pretty sure. 
I know I had fun with this lady and her friends 
from California.
They are now my friends too.

So....I write all of this to say there is lots more to come.
I can't wait to share all of it with you.
But you'll just have to be patient.
And in the meantime enjoy the photos of the sky
we soaked in a few evenings ago.

I'm going to end the give away for Sheila's 
key fob on Saturday morning.
Then I'll make the announcement and somewhere
out there someone will shriek with joy.
Perhaps it will be you.

The boys are settling into their new jobs.
They both absolutely love working at 
Sight and Sound.  
Mikey keeps using the word blessed.
Wondering how he got to be so blessed.
Jonathan loves his responsibilities as security guard.
Even when the weather soaks him from head to toe.
Chelsea continues to enjoy her work in Concessions.
Warren is off to Las Vegas this week for a convention
but we'll see him tomorrow, Lord willing.

Four chocolate Tea Lights with a Teddy Bear Tag.

I've been working at projects for the candle business 
that are more behind the scenes these past days
but am introducing some new baby shower favors
this week.  Here are two of one variety.
The giraffe themed ones are coming soon...
and the dinosaurs.

Four Blue Baby Powder Scented Tea Lights with the Teddy Bear Tag.
I guess that is about it for today.
Thanks for popping in.


Carol said...

Have a wonderful, blessed day my friend!


Marydon said...

Freak out! Picture #5 has God's image in the center Becky!!! So love the clouds pics ... as a child we would sit out & watch clouds all the time trying to find images in them.

Have a lovely day ~

Becky K. said...

Great eye, Marydon! Now I see it every time I look at that photo. That's pretty cool.....

Anonymous said...

I didn't see God's image in that picture, until Marydon found it.

Aloquin said...

Super pics! And I love just "popping in" to your blog :)

Theresa said...

Beautiful pictures and great tease! I'll be waiting for ALL of the backed up posts:) Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!

Vee said...

Oh, is someone else seeing things? I'll be checking on that Marydon! Say, did you see her recipe for potato salad? Just sayin' if you're offering up recipes and all.

Sounds good, Becky, looking forward to your planned posts, though your unplanned ones are fine with me.

Vee said...

She's right! Cool.

Mrs.Rabe said...

Beautiful, beautiful sky!

We don't see many great sunsets here in our 'hole'. I just have to share them vicariously through you!