Friday, November 6, 2009

An Unexpected Performance...

Our area of the country has
been hit very hard by the flu.

This has meant that for the
last two weeks we had so many
families out sick that we had to
cancel our homeschool co-op day.
That means two less practices
for our Fall Concert.

Since I am the person in charge of
pulling the concert together, and
direct two of the choirs, I have been
extremely nerved up. Wondering if we
might have to reschedule...
and if so, to when?

It didn't seem like a decision to make
lightly with so very many people involved.

I asked our Co-op Committee to wait until
after our first post illness co-op day
yesterday to see how everyone did.

As each Choir came in we discussed the fact
that their performance of this particular
practice would decide if we could go ahead
with the concert on schedule and if we would
have to drop any songs.

Let me tell you...Every Choir, from Preschool
to the High School reported unbelievable results!
My High School choir was the highlight of the day
for me. They took a song that we have been working
on for a couple of weeks, sang it beautifully and
then asked if we could perform it acapella!!!!
YES!!! I can't wait to get back together with
them. They sound so good. Sure, there is work
to do but I am confident they will pull it off.

The 4th-6th grade choir was just plain fun yesterday.
They are so high energy. Harnessing that and
directing it into music is the challenge.
We are at a place in our practice that I know they
will be ok. How fun to hear them sing,
"Give me oil in my lamp,
keep it burnin'...burnin'...burnin'!"
No one can just stand still.
We are all Mooo-vin'!

So my heart is much lighter today.
The decision is made and we can get
on with the business of having a

This may seem like a small thing
but with nearly 60 families involved
the thought of having extra practices
or moving the concert date was daunting.

Of course, I would be less than
truthful if I said that
having two Fundraisers going with
my candle business didn't add in to
the stress.
But, they are going well also.

One ended yesterday and those orders are
in the mail to me. It is a nice collection
of orders but a very manageable one.
So...a huge breath of relief there,
as well. I had no idea what to expect.
It is just right.

Thanks for bearing with me
in my rejoicing.
I love sharing these little
triumphs with you.

Til Later!



Fairy Footprints said...

AMEN I love God's miracles.

My daughter Isabel plays the violin she loves music this is her second year with a strin instrument. She is doing so well. Music is so important to children.

God bless,

Melissa G. said...

I'm glad to hear everything is going smoothly for the concert even with the missed practices.

Elena said...

That is awesome! The Lord is good. It sure would be fun to hear the kids sing:)

Emily said...

Mrs.K, Singing that song acapella is so fun! I think it sounds better when we sing it acapella, rather than with the music.

See you Sunday!