Wednesday, November 4, 2009

JOY in Serving Others

Yesterday the weather was just
perfect to help out some friends.

Jon had his neck surgery the same
day Warren had his liver biopsy.

He is not supposed to do anything
physical yet. He is obeying these
instructions...kind of...

We were concerned he might take on more
than the doctor wants him to so a bunch
of young people and a couple of Moms
came out to do some yard work. The Moms
were strictly supervisory with a
bit of troublemaking mixed in.
Leaf throwing?
Wouldn't know about that!

Oh my, did these guys have fun.

I did feel a bit badly for Jon as the
kids all wanted to rake leaf piles so
they didn't wait for Jonathan to mow the
leaves first. We used a lot of garbage
bags. However, I think Jon enjoyed seeing
the young ones carry bags as big as they were.

One girl lost her ring into one of the bags.
It was found after a few minutes of looking.

Any time you need a boost of happiness,
just look for someone who could use a hand.
It just makes everyone feel better.

Thanks guys!
You were a blessing to more than
Jon and Sue yesterday.
You blessed my heart too!


Karrie said...

How wonderful!
I would like to invite you to a recipe swap I am hosting on Nov.13 if you get a spare moment please swing by my blog I would love to have you join!

Fairy Footprints said...

Becky what fun I just wanna run right up to those leaves and jump into them lol just like I did as a child, I made messes and the clean up part wasn't fun :0)

Have a great Wednesday I love the picture they are darling and that is wonderful that you helped out.

Blessings to you,

PS Stop over sometime I am having a giveaway

Melissa G. said...

You're right, it always blesses the giver when we help someone out. Those pictures were so pretty! I enjoyed seeing the fall leaves.

Mrs.Rabe said...

Those are sweet awesome kids aren't they?

Love it! My girls were so pleased to have been able to help and have a fun time with their friends!

Thanks for thinking of it!

LV said...

I enjoyed your young folks sharing the leaf raking and fellowship. Sorry that Jon was injured, but I doubt he minded to much not raking leaves. That is hard work. I mulch mine. I always rather give than receive.

Elena said...

Looks like a lot of fun and work! Their yard is beautiful.

Freda Marie said...

Nothing satisfies the soul more than giving...