Sunday, November 22, 2009

Late Fall in PA

The Landis House at Susquehannock State Park.
This building while no longer in use has an
interesting history as a former stop on the
Underground Railroad.

It is named after the last private owner of
this stone home before the property was purchased
to create a State Park.

We were out to the park with friends from
church. It is just such a blessing to enjoy
fellowship with those we worship with.

I could not help but notice how the sky,
trees, and even our clothing were in hues
of browns and blues.

Miss Sarah enjoyed an enthusiastic game of
Keep-a-way with two grown ups and another
youngster. She was going for the frisbee
with all she had in her.

I believe that Chloe, in her coat,
was cheering for Sarah....

Is that a frisbee in Sarah's hands?
I believe she did it!

This slowed things down
a bit, but allowed for
some creative retrieval.

It involved a forked stick
and a lifted up Sarah.
She did well...

Finally I wandered off for some
photo opportunities.
What a truly lovely day to spend
out of doors!

A little while later the entire group
had gone in three different directions.
My friend, Kelly, and I spent time walking and
talking. Sharing the joys and challenges
of parenting. Of course we have both
experienced several emotions just this
past week and it was nice to share.

Kelly has a better camera than
I do but I try not to let it be
too intimidating.

I just snap away.

I'll let the rest of these photos
speak for themselves...

Don't miss the rest of the Fall Beauty.
Get out there!
It is sweet!



Gayla said...

These are such beautiful shots.... I love the silhouettes of the trees on the house and the grass.. It looks like a day to remember... Hugs...

Melissa G. said...

All those trees without their leaves make interesting shots.
It looks like a beautiful day!

Joyce said...

Our trees here are still full of leaves of colors. They are just starting to fall off the trees. Such a difference in the north and south foliage this time of the year. I forgot what Thanksgiving really looks like up north with all the leaves already on the ground. Have a blessed Thanksgiving with your family and friends. I still have not come up to your area in 09 but hope to in 2010.

Elena said...

What a beautiful fall day! You have a great eye for photos!

Tracy said...

Glorious photos, Becky! Oh, how I miss autumn in PA!! It being Thanksgiving week, I'm feeling a little homesick for PA...LOL! Wishing you all a wonderful holiday this week! ((HUGS)) Oh, and if you get a break in the festivities, stop by--I'm having a gift giveaway! :o)

Ronda said...

Have a Happy Thanksgiving my friend.
God Bless.

Love & Prayers,

Alicia said...

Love all the pics! The trees without leaves are cool!!

Kelly said...

That was a lovely day and the weather was pleasant.

Where did you find the information on the "Landis House"?

I enjoyed our walk and talk. Also, my camera may be better than yours, but I still don't always get great pictures. For instance, I shot that same red tree next to the large evergreen and mine turned out blurry.

jAne said...

I really want to live in that house. Really. :o)

Beautiful pictures, Becky. :o)

jAne * tickleberry farm