Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Temporarily Without a Car

What was I thinking?  We bought a car that has a manual transmission.  I can't drive it.  Part of me wants to learn.  Part of me would rather not.  I really need that when something comes up I have options.

I had a rather quiet week scheduled but Chelsea and Chadd have their regular full week so when their car broke down this week I let them use the van.  What this means is that I've been home a lot more than I would have been normally.  This also means that the laundry is almost all done.  Woo-hoo!!  I think Warren will be tempted to take my car away a few days a week on a regular basis.  He likes it when I do the laundry during the week and he doesn't have to say anything or do it himself.

It did work out that I could drive Jonathan's new Jeep to teach music lessons yesterday.  It was the first time I've driven it.  There was such a sense of responsibility and worry that I would be the one to make the first bump or dent in this beautiful vehicle that I'm not in a hurry to drive it again.  However, I have to say it is sweet!!

I'm up to four music students now.  Three for voice and one on piano.  What a joy!!  It still boggles my mind that I have something to offer them that is worthwhile...and yet...I know we are seeing progress and so it must be true.  It is all about the teaching for me!  I will never get over the thrill of seeing it click in their eyes and their joy in mastering a new skill.  I am not the best vocalist in the far....but I have a decent ear and can communicate techniques which are helpful.'s great as long as it lasts.

My Bandit has been healing from the loss of Chloe.  We cuddle a lot.  She goes pretty much wherever I go...even on short errands around town.  She especially liked the drive-through pharmacy because they give dog treats.

There is an overall sense of sadness and heaviness due to the important things happening all around us.  The wretched shooting in Orlando...well...make that two.  Christian Voice contestant Christina Grimmie was killed first by a man who was bothered by her stand for Christ on her social media. Then in an act of terror 49 mostly young people were slaughtered by an Islamic Radical.  And there you have it.  The hated.  Those in the gay community and those who follow Christ.  Interesting how these things "happened" in the same weekend, in the same city.  I'm praying that God will overrule the intended outcomes and instead use these horrible happenings to further the spread of His gospel of peace.  I know that the Word of God tells us that there will be war, hate and fighting as long as we are on this earth until He returns to make all things new.  I just don't want to be a part of the hate.  I want to continue to show love to those in my life who disagree with me.  I want to point them to Jesus.  Nothing I can say or do in my own strength will change anyone's mind about how they live....but His Word does not return void.  It lives and breathes.  I want to spend more time in the Word so that my life can be changed and brought closer to His will all of the time.  I'm so thankful for the precious love of our Heavenly Father.  For the comfort that comes in sweet communion with Him.

No word yet on Chadd's case....please just keep praying.  It is so hard, on all of us, really, but especially on Chelsea and Chadd.  I can see the toll the stress is taking.  I do also see how these two are amazingly strong and so deeply in love with each other.  It is a joy to see them learn to make decisions, live together, figure out how she can be warm enough without him being hot.  LOL  Welcome to my world, Chadd.  And that of most other grooms of the world.    They will laugh about it some day,  I hope.  But in the meanwhile....keep those prayers headed heavenward.

It is time to go switch the last loads of laundry and pop some chicken in the oven to roast for dinner.  Woo-hoo!  The domestic life..."forced" on me this week.  :-)


Theresa said...

Lots going on up there. I pray that Chadd and Chelsea will keep there eyes on the future:). I know it is a bright and happy one for them. Sending hugs and continued prayers your way.

Linda Gross said...

You will be learning how to drive a stick shift, whereas we will be learning to get along with just one car. We decided to downsize to one vehicle.

Madonna Gentry said...

I know what it is like to be without a car. Even missing one for a short time can be really traumatic. Me and my partner broke down on the side of a motorway recently only to discover we didn't have breakdown cover. And then unfortunately we had to take our son to hospital with transport. We had to call a cab.