Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Now I Have Three Cars.....

Feast or Famine.....that's what we always say.  Turns out that when Chelsea and Chadd decided not to keep the car which Chelsea has been driving since she was 16 and find something else instead, Warren decided that we should keep the old one.  Now, we had just purchased the Kia...I can't drive it so it probably doesn't count, and we still have the van.  Of course it is very old and burns oil so who knows how much longer it will run dependably.  So I had to agree that barring trading the two old ones for something different we should just give the kids the trade in value and keep it around for a loaner for all of our kids should any of their cars need service and a spare for us for the same reason.

This guy is very happy with the 2002 RAV 4..... because it works.

Chelsea is very happy with it as well.  She actually loved it first.  They test drove it on Monday of last week
and then did the smart thing and decided to look a bit more before making a decision.
In the meanwhile there was a ONE day sale on used vehicles at the dealership and it was marked down an additional $1,300.
Warren and I went on the day of the sale since both Chelsea and Chadd had 10-11 hour work shifts that day.
We kept them up to date and spoke with the previous owner to find out as much history as possible.
Warren became convinced this was a great vehicle for them and so we got Chelsea and Chadd's go ahead to reserve it.

Monday morning, one week after they did their first test drive we went back
 for one last test drive and they purchased the car.
If you are counting this was the third sale I have brought the salesman named Andy.

Jonathan - New Jeep Renegade.
Mom - New Toyota Corolla.
Chelsea and Chadd - Used RAV 4.

He is pretty cool and said I am his number one customer.
I told him he probably says that to all of his customers.

This was the longest we have spent on the actual car buying process...maybe ever....since Warren and I were at the dealership for hours on two visits that day... but it was worth it for the savings!!
The first time we were there someone else had staked their claim on the car but when we came back later it was still for sale.  Must have been meant for Chelsea and Chadd.

So...for a while I will have my choice of two cars to drive.

2001 Mazda Protege
2003 Mazda MPV

Most likely it will be decided by which one is running OR which one is easiest to get
out of the driveway.

First world problems!!!


Terra Hangen said...

Ha ha, first world problems. I often smile and think that when someone from the "first world" posts about a problem, including myself. It sounds like you have a reliable third vehicle now.

Theresa said...

Oh girl, I am happy to hear that you are back on the road with a variety of cars:). Enjoy your day dear friend. Hugs