Friday, November 20, 2015

These Busy, Busy Days....

The usual Autumn crush of candle making, events and fundraisers is ON.  Having my new workshop is fantastic but has not kept the craziness in the basement.  Until the rest of the downstairs is completely recovered from the flooding we had earlier this year I have to do my packing upstairs and so the dining room continues to be overtaken by bags and boxes.
Sorry family.  
So sorry.
However, Chelsea greatly appreciates the ability to bake in the kitchen whenever she wants to!  And she is doing so.  This is apparently the season for testing out wedding cake recipes.  She is doing so by making cupcakes.  She understands the texture would be slightly different in cake form but at this point it is about flavor.  We sample and then send the rest to work with Warren.  His department is getting to give feedback as well.  How fun for them!

The I Heart Handmade Marketplace in Chambersburg is now behind me.  It is the BIG one.  I love doing it... and I dread doing it.  There is the need to make a huge amount of inventory at the same time that my largest fundraising group is also demanding a lot of inventory.  Then there is the three hour drive into the sun to get there.  But from there on in it is ALL good.  Repeat customers, new customers and fellow vendors all add up to a fantastic time!  My friend, Angel, is a genius event planner.  She has turned this into "the place to be" for much of Chambersburg on that day.

The set up.

I also have fun with my friend Melissa as she goes along to be my muscle and right hand.  She was a super seller this year.  We had this thing going where she would be all animated and enthusiastic and I would be mellow.  O.k. so it wasn't really a thing when it was just us being us...but it turned into a thing.  And it was funny.  People noticed and commented.  So funny.

We also enjoy a dinner out after setting up on Friday evening.  This year I asked Melissa to do some research and choose someplace nice, and relatively healthy.  She did great!  Cafe Del Sol was the choice and the food was fresh and full of flavor!

My chips and was pretty HOT.  

My California Salad...Yum!

Melissa's Pork Tacos.

Melissa's Red Rock Bisque

The restaurant was super clean and the food delicious!
And so...we had a very good trip this year and it is a relief to check that off the busy days list.

Monday evening just following I Heart was the largest fundraiser delivery of the date.
My van was so full that I had to buckle bags onto the seats.
Funny....but it worked.

Yesterday was the last homeschool co-op session for 2015.
Made it through ten weeks of classes.
They went so very quickly!
It is a highlight of my week to go and exercise my brain in trying to stay
ahead of those youngsters who are kind of like sponges.
They are so enthusiastic, opinionated and challenging.
Up next will be the Spring Semester where we will work on music
for a Spring Concert.

Wedding planning continues.
We ordered invitations last evening!
Chelsea and Chadd designed them from two separate locations while
she was with us in the Poconos.
We waited for a sale in Vistaprint and that happened yesterday.
So...we went for it and they will be here before we know it!
That is the upside of current technology.

Well, I'd better get going.
I have some important candles to make today.

They are the kind that go to couples who have suffered infant loss.
It is always an emotional thing to make them....
but what a blessing as well.
By the way....we are looking for people to sponsor these candles
for Sweet Grace Ministries.
This year God is moving the ministry OUT of the home of the dear couple
who founded the ministry and into an office.
This will be an added expense to the ministry but will enable them
to have more space and opportunity to serve.
Sweet Grace is growing very quickly.
Sad because of what that means....but great that those who
need the support have a place to get it.

O.k.  I've chatted long enough.
Hope you are having a wonderful Autumn.
Here's hoping I'll be back here soon....


Vee said...

You and Melissa did a great job setting up. The display looks great! Hope that you have to replenish often!

Deanna Rabe said...

It's a busy time for both of us!

So glad your getting your big events done, and very successfully!