Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Embracing the Light

A couple of weeks ago this scene 
caught my eye.
What can appear unremarkable under other circumstances
becomes simply stunning when the light
shines on it.

Some things are less attractive when fully lit.
A few restaurants I know must live by that rule.
But, other things are beautifully transparent
when the light streams through.

I hope that I'm the kind that can stand up to the light.

This guy caught my eye on the same day.
Growing under our trees 
with a funny little face.

Love the contrast and details.

Kind of looks like a UFO from this perspective.

Look UP!

We took some neighbor friends to see Sight and Sound's 
Miracle of Christmas.

Afterward Warren was showing them around "Heaven".
This is my reminder to us today to 
Keep looking UP!

Be as transparent as we can be.
Seek out the light and allow it to shine through us
so that others are attracted to the source.

These are very busy days for most of us.
I have multiple BIG deadlines happening over the next 6 weeks.

In all transparency I will tell you that I often wake stressed
and worried these days.
But God meets me in that stress and helps me to 
resist the temptation to panic
about many real and terrifying possibilities
for our kids, my work and our health.

My prayer is that the light will be more powerful than 
the unknown.
That it will push aside the worries and doubt
of darkness.

And because I know the source of the light
I know beyond a doubt that the light wins!


Lorrie Esposito said...

Amen Becky! It's easy to forget to keep looking up sometimes.

Vee said...

That "heaven" picture makes me chuckle. May you hear the whisper of The Holy Spirit when you wake feeling stressed. The Lord's got whatever it is and, at the end of six weeks, you'll look back and see just how He got you through. Keeping you and yours tucked in my prayers. Enjoy this beautiful November day...