Saturday, April 12, 2014

Funny Woodpecker

I took Bandit out this morning, as usual.
Chloe wasn't quite ready to get up and looked at me with that 
look which clearly said..."Nope!"
She is quite the little old lady these days.
Unless it has something to do with playing or walking....or eating.

Otherwise she sleeps.
And she likes it.

But Bandit has lots of energy and loves her early morning 
squirrel chases.
So, out we go.

As we popped out the back door I heard a very loud cheeping
followed by what sounded like a woodpecker pecking on metal.

Turns out I know my sounds because that is exactly what it was.
This funny bird was sitting on my mother in law's chimney.

It would cheep, cheep, cheep and then peck hard at the metal cap.
I have no idea if we should be expecting a flock of woodpeckers 
to come soon or if it might have been warning them to 
stay away....
but some message was being sent.

It brought a smile to my day.
Funny woodpecker.


Vee said...

And, depending, a smart one or a disturbed one. Awww...your nod to Chloe's age is telling. Glad that she enjoys her naps.

Mrs.Rabe said...

Awww, Chloe. She's my favorite of your doggies!

Crazy woodpecker, is my guess!


Linda Gross said...

I keep watching for the downy woodpecker that has frequented our suet in the past. No sign of it yet. That is a good picture of your woodpecker!

Theresa said...

Oh that's a pretty one, but they can cause damage! Hope it is just the one:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!