Saturday, August 31, 2013

Look Who It Is................

It is our young friend, Tommy!

He is doing so well in his new home.

Even so, there are many expenses that come with a 
young  man who needs care to strengthen his bones, 
repair and clean his teeth, and more.
A special diet is necessary to bring Tommy nutrition.
He has much catching up to do!

These candles are just part of a plan to help
fund the care account that he shares with his sister, Katie.

You can find the listing here:

Or...if you really have no need of a candle, nor wish to send one to a friend,
you are invited to pass along a gift directly to the fund.
I will not be offended!

$5 from each candle purchase goes to Katie and Tommy's Care fund.
The link is on the side bar at the blog linked above.


Vee said...

Oh very happy to read that Tommy is doing well in his new home. Thanks for the opportunity to help out a little!

Mrs.Rabe said...


Carol Z said...

This is great. I'll be remembering it for Christmas gifts and if I may, will do a link later in the fall on my blog.