Monday, August 26, 2013

A Very Full and Fun Sunday

You know we are quite attached to our church, right?
Well, I'll show you a couple of reasons.
Yesterday was Georgia's second time back to church
after her broken leg and surgery....
and her first time back in the fellowship hall.

Because there are ramps
it was possible to wheel her in the office chair
to the large room we use for meals.

That chair is also used by Jonathan on Sunday 
mornings since his back pain requires that he not sit
on the regular chairs.
By the way, 
he had an MRI last week and we are 
hoping for some real answers soon.

But, back to Georgia's ride.
It was fun to see everyone working together 
to get her into the room.

 Mission Accomplished!

Then came the Birthday "Boy"
Our Associate Pastor, Jack, turns 90 tomorrow.
We celebrated yesterday.

 If I live to the age of 90 I'd like to be as healthy as this man....
but that isn't going to happen since I'm already in worse shape
than he is.....It's amazing!

 The idea was to surprise him 
but he said he figured we wouldn't let him 
get away quietly.

Everyone munched away on deli sandwiches, 
fruit and relish trays.
Two large cakes from Costco satisfied
every sweet tooth.

Just a blurry peek into a very special 
place in our lives.
And at a few of the people we have 
come to love as family.


The REAL EverSewSweet said...

It's nice to feel at home at church. And to feel like you're with family.

Vee said...

(Your blog is not updating! This just popped in way down my blog roll list. Did you postdate or something?)

Your church family is a source of encouragement to me. I am hoping that one day I'll feel the same way about mine! ;>

What an amazing testimony your associate pastor has to be 90 and still working for the kingdom!

Yay that Georgia is healing and getting out to church and I am praying that your Jonathan gets the answers he needs to go forward in improvec health. Backs can be such a pain and it is no fun.