Tuesday, July 17, 2018

First Birthday is Coming Up Fast!

We enjoyed a kid invasion a week ago last Sunday.
How awesome was that??
I whipped up some mac n cheese 
and put out whatever I had around.
They hung out and chattered like crazy.

Auntie Em and Roy are now thick as thieves. 
It's too funny how he decided one day that week that she
was o.k. and he has found her hilarious ever since.

That evening they decided to take a selfie.
But Roy also thought it great to chase the camera.

So funny, these two!!

In the rarely happens category...
Chelsea, Chadd and Roy went out to dinner with 
Warren and I recently.
As we were finishing our meal the sun was coming in
at this glorious angle.
I loved getting some great shots of Roy and his Daddy.

 I've got to scoot. 
Had a few extra minutes this morning because I'm waiting 
for a supplier to open their doors.
But now...It's time to hit the road.
Leaving you with just one more bit of 
little man Roy.
Who will be ONE on the 26th.

What a first year he has had.


Theresa said...

No way, this year has flown right by! Roy is adorable and the pictures are precious! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

Vee said...

He is darling! What a blessing to the whole family.

Sherry said...

roy is absolutely adorable. ♥
and he looks like his daddy! :)
reading about the kid invasion
i smiled wide. how wonderful!

Sue said...

What a cutie pie, I believe he likes the camera too! ~smile~ Blessings,