Friday, April 20, 2018

A Few Countdowns

What a crazy busy time we are in at the moment!

With two days left of the Best Kept Secrets Tour, Eight days until Jon and Darcey's wedding, and Seven days until I see great friends from Maryland and California.  These are all enough by themselves but when you put them all together... wow, just wow!

The Best Kept Secrets Tour has been fabulous!!  Our new location serves so much better than our last.  One woman recalled our last place as "the one you could barely move in".  Obviously she arrived when many others did during the last tour.  But she was right.  It was tight when there were more than four people in the shop.  So far we have had four $25 winners.  I believe there are still two winning plastic eggs out there.  Filling 2,000 plastic eggs with either .25 or $25 has proven to be a winning promotion.  We have gotten SO many of these eggs back.  But I remember filling those buggers in January.  That is a lot of eggs.  In case you wondered.

I found the dress to wear to the wedding.  Chelsea helped me and Warren approved it this morning.  So, its a keeper.  It's super comfy...a couple of sizes too big because it is all they had in stock...but since it is a maxi it just makes it a bit long.  I'll have to wear some heels.  Oops...there goes the comfy.  Haha.

I'm blessed to have extra hands coming to help with the rehearsal dinner preps.  My Aunt Naoma and cousin, Regina, are headed our way to attend the wedding.  They are already offering to do anything they can. I have company coming from Maryland and CA Friday morning, I'm going to have Aunt Naoma and Regina peel and cook the mashed potatoes and make the stuffing.  Our menu is turkey and dressing, roast beef and mashed potatoes, a huge salad...made by Georgia, rolls, and baked beans.  I'll probably do some other veggie as well.  But that is optional.  Next up is finding some cool themed napkins and plates.  By the way the menu for the rehearsal dinner was chosen by the bride and groom and will be served at the wedding site at some point during rehearsal and set up.

The other BIG thing is the cake.  I'm making the wedding cake.  Can't wait!  It is going to be a design I've never done before but it's going to be very cool.  We have already been watching YouTube videos to see various techniques to get the desired results.  Chelsea is baking gluten free cupcakes for those guests who can't enjoy the cake.  It is so sweet to have this event include the entire family.

This little guy is doing great and has cut two bottom teeth.  He is obviously uncomfortable sometimes but over all deals well with the painful process.  We don't mind the extra cuddles that help him get through it.  Nope.  We don't.

For now, I'm taking the morning to catch up on Etsy orders...write this post...and pay our sales tax before heading to the shop by two.  I have a hard time not being at the shop when it is open but know that Mom and Chelsea do a great job.  I just hate missing the fun!

Most likely the next time I post we will have wedding rehearsal and/or wedding photos to share.  Yikes!  Then all of our kiddos will be married.  That's pretty awesome!!


Vee said...

Keeping you in prayer over these exciting, busy, crazy busy days! So glad that the shop is doing well and that the relocation has been worth all the hassle. That grandson of yours is so handsome! Look at those eyes, that shy grin...

Theresa said...

It's great to hear from you:) I know you are busy with SO many exciting things happening! Enjoy that little guy... I am sure you do, snuggles are sure good for what ails ya! HUGS!

Sherry said...

such a full and exciting time in your family's life!
praying all will go smoothly and be every bit of
wonderful for the upcoming wedding. ♥♥♥

Anne B. said...

I think about you often and look forward to a visit to PA in the not so distant future. It will be fun to see the new shop! Roy is absolutely precious! But you already know that.....*wink* !! XOXO