Monday, January 1, 2018

Random Photos

11:00 pm New Year's Eve.
Someone was late to dinner.
Daisy was so funny just looking at us as if we were 
in trouble for not providing a plate of food for her.

A sweet vignette from The Lampeter Cafe.
This place is sooooo me.
Love everything about the restoration of the historic building
to the classic and simple decor.
It is warm, with fireplaces and comfortable seating
and the food is really good.
Admittedly anyone coming for the first time could be surprised that it 
is not a full service restaurant.
But you quickly come to appreciate the pricing and quality of everything
about this cafe including the amazing brisket.
I'm telling you!

Our last day at the shop didn't happen.
Turns out we caved to the winter weather which turned the roads to 
slippery messes.
So...our snowman waved goodbye all by himself.
Now begins about 45 days of first rest...
then craziness of packing and starting over.
I will work in the Lititz shop about once a week in January
at the gracious offer of Karen, the current owner, so I can 
meet her regular customers and become familiar.
WHO does that?
My sweet friend, that's who!

And another picture of Daisy.
She doesn't always look angry as she did in that first photo.

I didn't take one photo of people during the New Year weekend.
It was all animals and greens.

It was a great weekend.
Yesterday was spent at church and then with family ALL day.
The younger crowd played Dirty Marbles for hours and hours
while the older crowd rested, played with a sweet baby boy
and chatted. 
We eventually watched some football.
We kind of ate a lot.
I made poppy seed chicken and rice for our main meal.
It came out yummy!

The evening came to a close just after 11pm as we headed
down the street from Mom's house to ours.
I was snoring at midnight.
And so began 2018 with a fervent intent....
to get some sleep.

So far, so good!


Sherry said...

♥ when the hubs and i begin our adventure, for sure and for certain we'll be visiting your lititz shop. i do love lititz. and i love you. so it all works out just peachy. ♥

Harold Emery said...

She's a maine coon?
... she's gorgeous

Kris said...

Love the cat at the table, it made me smile (I don't think he looks angry, he looks like he is waiting for his food!)

I hope you have continued success in Lititz. I am from York Co, so I don't get to Lititz all that often, but I will make it a mission to get there.

Love your posts!

Theresa said...

Cute pics:) Love that you are going to meet the customers that will frequent your new shop! What a sweet friend! Have a blessed day, HUGS!