Friday, September 8, 2017

So Thankful

This little stinker gave us quite the scare by quickly losing a bunch of weight
and having a rather large lump on his head.
However, with the addition of formula, weight is going on.   And 
a brain scan says his bump will go away without any 
interference... we are quite relieved.
His brain is completely normal according to the test.

The worry was that he had a severe syndrome
that would manifest with those two symptoms.
That would have been unfortunate.
But Praise God.... that wasn't the problem.

We love being Grandparents.
I think it suits us.
I'm now bonding with every Grandma 
who comes to the shop.
It's a sweet club!


Vee said...

Awww...look at that personality coming through. Love those grins! Praising God with you for answers to prayer and a turn for good health all around. Amen!

Linda Gross said...

I am glad that your grandson is OK. Great pictures of him!

Anne B. said...

Sweet baby! He is just a smiling bundle of love! Praising God with you that all is well with him. Enjoy each moment as you will find that they fly by!!!!

Theresa said...

Sweet little one! So happy he is going to be OK! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

Charm and Grace said...

Pure sweetness... so thankful he is well and growing. Bless your grandma heart!! <3