Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Pebbles & Lace - Beyond My Hopes and Dreams

I've been away from the blog for a while now because I figure you don't want to hear day by day recounting of shop stuff.  But since that is pretty much what my days are taken up with I wouldn't have any idea what else to write about.  So....here we go again....my thoughts and some photos from the shop.


It has been so amazing and rewarding.  From the people we have met, the items we find to sell and working with Mom and Chelsea.  All of it.  Is surpassing my hopes.

There have been times when I've been so exhausted that silly things happen.  On Saturday I asked a man if he was "looking for a woman" when I meant to ask if he was looking for his wife.  Thankfully my dear Warren was sitting with me at the table outside our shop so I wasn't accused of propositioning the gentleman and we all got a huge laugh out of it.

There have been times when I could minister to customers who are lonely or hurting.  

I have made many, many new friends.  It brings joy when they come in to chat and explore the new things added to the shop.

Being with my daughter almost daily as she progresses through her pregnancy is a joy.  I love that she can work as much or as little as her body can handle.  It will be great once the baby boy arrives to share shop and baby care duties.

A satisfaction I didn't anticipate as much as the reality is writing out checks to our artisans.  Man, that is fun! I love the fact that we can generate income for those who are creative.  This should just get better and better as we get into the tourist season of Lancaster County.

From our rushed opening to this day just about three months later I can tell you that my hopes didn't come close to the reality.  I under anticipated how very much I would enjoy being a shop owner.

There was the woman from Turkey who purchased a painted jar to take back as her souvenir of her visit.  Tina Knox, the artist, is so happy that her work is now "international".  

The neighbors of the shop have been so sweet to us.  I can't begin to tell you.....it is such a blessing!

Our landlord is super supportive.  We couldn't ask for anyone better.

It is so great that our location is so close to Warren's workplace.  We are right on his way home so he often pops in at the end of the day so we can make our plans for the evening.  Honestly, by then, my brain and body are quite tired and so we go out to dinner.  But it is precious time together that with all of the busyness wouldn't likely happen if our logistics weren't so perfect.

It is a blessing to have created a space that is hard to leave even after a long, exhausting day.  It is peaceful, pretty and "home".  Chelsea's display talents have led to a space that doesn't look like every other shop.  We aren't super elegant.  We aren't clever.  We are comfortable.  We are cozy.  We are unique.

It is so hard to close one day a week.  Or to take my day off.  However, those days are usually spent in finding beautiful things to bring back to the shop.  And more recently to get back to spending time with friends that I have missed as we have been so busy just getting the shop up and running.  I know this time is necessary for our long term survival.  Even great things get old if you don't give yourself time to breathe.

There is pressure to be open some hours on Sundays.  Tempting....due to the nature of the town and those who stroll it on the weekends.  However our minds, souls and bodies need time to recharge.  I believe our time is better spent being with our church families and then resting when we can.

The photos through this post are just random shots that I have taken in recent days.  Thanks for bearing with my jumbled thoughts about this new thing in our lives.

Reminding myself to hold MY plans lightly.
HIS plans are better.


Gayla said...

Lovely! I would love to pop in that pretty shop to visit and buy goodies!

Doris said...

Your shop is truly as you described....comfortable, cozy and unique. Loved it and I will return :)

Vee said...

The shop looks wonderful making me wish that it were just around the corner. It is delightful the way the scene beyond your window has been enhanced and not blocked...totally charming! You sound happy and content. Are you all feeling this way? if so, I'd say that it is a resounding success.

Becky said...

I would love info on the sun and rainbow mobile!

Becky K. said...

Vee....I can't tell you how Mom and Chelsea are feeling exactly but I know it has been a special time for all of us.

Becky, I will have more information about the mobile soon. I don't have it here at home this evening but I will leave another comment here once I gather the pricing, etc.

I can tell you that a young mom makes many of our crocheted baby items. She spends hours and hours on the mobiles and they show it. Soooo adorable.

Thanks for asking.