Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Another Shop Goal Met

There are a few things that are high on my shop bucket list.  One was air plants.  Done.  Another was pretty jewelry.  Also done but perhaps not complete.  But a big one was pottery.  Not just any pottery. Pots by de Perrot in Lititz.  We have been fans for more than ten years since my brother introduced us to these fantastic pieces of art.  Finally yesterday I was able to go to the studio where the pottery is and sold to choose a selection for the shop.  This is what it looked like after I got them back to the shop and spent more than an hour setting it into a display.

We knew this was where we wanted the pottery
but it was trickier than you might think to make it work.
First was finding new spots for the items that were taking up this space.
Then was making it a symmetrical display.  
There are more of one style than the other.
Then there was a hole in the wall on one side.
Enter green glass with ferns.
Now as long as they don't sell I'm good.

Design one.
These hues are so soothing.
The itty bitties are magnets.
Each dish is dishwasher, microwave and oven safe.

Design number two.
The funky looking one is a napkin holder.
In the front are coasters.

Just another close up.

I love shop keeping so very, very much!

Can't wait to see what this weekend holds as we have our
Grand Opening from 10-7 Friday and Saturday!!

But for now I need to keep moving since this is our last 
morning for the Spring session of Change of Pace.
Helping to lead worship helps keep my head and heart in the right space.

Hope your day is amazing!


Vee said...

🌿😊🌿 What fun you are having! Praying for a fabulous grand opening.

Kelly said...

Those dishes are beautiful! Love the way they are multicolored! Maybe you could get a couple of pottery mugs to put with your tea display? I'd be interested.

Terra Hangen said...

How beautiful, I like the autumn/earth tones in the pottery.

Theresa said...

Hi there busy lady! I sure wish I could shop with you at the Grand Opening! I hope you have MUCH success! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!