Sunday, February 23, 2014

Eventful Trip To Virginia

We are in our last full day in Williamsburg, Virginia.
It is just three of us.
Chelsea, Johnny and Me.
I was afraid this would be very awkward....since Warren had to 
work and couldn't come....
but these are two very awesome people and they make me feel so 
welcome in their lives.!!

I am enjoying my role as official photographer.
This is going to be a photo loaded post since we've taken so many
over the past couple of weeks and they have limited how many I could 
post out there on Facebook to the very bare minimum.
But, every photographer knows that we don't 
take pictures to keep hidden away as digital files.
We take photos to share.
And so, here I shall share.

Should I back up to Valentine's Day since I haven't posted in a while?
Thanks, I think I will.

I had so much fun this year with both Johnny and Michael.
They were both planning very special things for their 
chosen ladies.

Michael literally built a table!

He put the date and their names on it...he set it in front of the fireplace 
downstairs and set it in Mike and Em style for a homemade pizza dinner.
So sweet!!

Johnny was preparing to ask Chelsea to enter an official relationship with him
and so we got to help him set up a special place in front of Grandma Georgia's
fireplace.  Grandma Ruth provided a "light and go" wood starter, 
Warren lit it...and after some smoke issues it was perfect when the couple returned 
from dinner.

There were roses and lots and lots of candles.
Ahem..we have a few, candles that is.

She said an official relationship and they changed their Facebook status.
Remember the days of the note passed in school.
Do you like me?  Yes or No
I think things have progressed....and I love how seriously they take it.

Earlier in the day they had iced these cookies.
What a fun activity.

A special day, indeed.

Now we are in Williamsburg. 
It has been a wonderful trip in between the stressful things that 
have happened.
The first was an accident on our way here.
In a construction zone on an on ramp to I-95 I got hit from 
behind and they took out our rear left light assembly.

However, no one was hurt and the other driver was very nice
so it all ended o.k.

Then after we arrived there was a huge and very dangerous storm
system that passed through.
We waited the worst of it out in the walk in closet.
We were safe but listening to the roar of the wind
and hearing the creak of the walls was unnerving.
Flickering lights were nearly the end of me....but we survived unscathed.
Others did suffer much storm damage and so we are thankful
that we are fine.

That set up beautiful weather for the remainder of our trip.
Yesterday we went to Colonial Williamsburg where I took more photos 
of these adorable people.

This one was taken by Johnny.  
I thought it was fun to have them take a couple of each other.

We were looking for photo opps....
Well, this seemed like a good one. 

Just look....
No coats!  No snow!  No Ice!
Blue Skies.

We are so blessed.

Headed home tomorrow to another week of cold and snow.
Bummer on that but we are looking forward to 
the wedding of Lindsay Rabe and Joseph Musser on Saturday.
How time flies......
I knew both of these young people when they were just children.
And it is wonderful to see what the Lord has done for them.

Catch you later.
We have a lot to accomplish yet today.


Tracy said...

Love is definitely in the air in your neck of the woods!

Karen said...

Oh, my goodness...are we ready for this yet? Lots of excitement at your house these days!

Glad the accident wasn't serious (but they're always a hassle-so sorry).

As we seem to continuously be running a good 20ยบ below normal, I'm envious of the no-coats pictures. Love little glimpses of sunshine and green to brighten up this endless winter.

Gayla said...

Oh, my goodness! Such happy new things going on with your family. Choosing a partner and sweetheart has to be the most important decision after salvation that young people make. I know you are happy, but it means a new stage of parenthood, and that is sometimes strange! Hugs to you all! Your trip, as with your life, looked eventful and happy...minus the fender bender, of course.

Vee said...

How did I miss this?! Well I feel as if life sped up and left me behind. Warm congrats to the very attractive and happy couple! Ahhhh...young love in (soon to be) spring. Life as it should be...